Learning Value Proposition (LVP)

Fact. Graduates consider the development opportunities on offer when looking for an employer.

Fact. It is no longer acceptable as an organisation to ignore the importance of graduate development for the individual graduate as well as the business as a whole.

Creating a Learning Value Proposition (LVP) is vital to your overall Graduate Value Proposition (GVP). An LVP is the ongoing commitment to developing the graduates that you are bringing onboard and all the varying development initiatives included in the journey.

So, not only is it vital to plan the development journey early, but it must be articulated clearly in your attraction campaign and overall GVP to gain the best outcomes for the business.

In 2018, graduates have expressed the importance of several initiatives that every organisation should consider when it comes to a well-balanced and thought-out development journey in 2019.

Customised blended learning approach

The ever-changing world of technology has brought with it unprecedented opportunity to innovate and be creative in the way development programs are delivered.

Graduates are calling out for customised programs that consist of face-to-face development initiatives as well as online learning that includes a support platform, webinar and virtual classroom style interactions as part of the new-age development journey.

Whether your organisations graduate cohort are based in locations across the country or in the one city – ask yourself – what development can be done online at the touch of a button but still ensure engagement?

Access to leaders within the organisation

Graduates have a desire to learn from, and network with, those that lead the organisation.

Leaders that are willing to share insights into their personal career and leadership journey have a great influence on eager graduates as they start their careers and are developing their career goals and expectations.

Giving Managers the opportunity to be involved in the development of the graduates will help to fully integrate the program and ensure that learnings are brought to life and embedded back into their roles.

Real-life projects and challenges

Time and time again, graduates have shown the desire to be engaged, inspired and motivated all while knowing that they are having a real-impact on the business and wider community.

Graduates want to delve into real-life projects and challenges that will provide them with an intensive, immersive and supportive ‘real world’ learning experience.

While having a plan is vital in the overall success of the development journey and the engagement of your graduates, remember to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of both the individual graduates, the entire graduate cohort and the on-goings of the business as a whole.

For more information about LVP, please contact Jum Lamont at jum@fusiongc.com.au