Our focus is to truly partner with you to deliver success for your organisation, using the latest innovative strategies and technologies available in our market.

As Australia’s leading Graduate market outsource partner, we support you to deliver a customised approach that;

  • Is Best Practice
  • Is Legally Defensible
  • Is Flexible
  • Is Cost Effective
  • Drives Innovation
  • Supports Informed Decision Making
  • Is Scalable
  • Ensures The Best Possible Candidate Care
  • Identifies potential Talent for your organisation
  • Is Timely and efficient
  • Project & System Management

    Fusion will appoint a dedicated Project Team for the entire life cycle of the project. They will work in close partnership with you to deliver all aspects of the project, ensuring a fair and equitable process is maintained and that the integrity of the process is upheld. The Project Team will ensure that the project plan is adhered to from Attraction to Offer, providing industry expertise and insights at each stage of the process.

  • Application Form Build & Screening

    Fusion will work with exported data to screen and provide a merit-based report of the applicants based on their suitability for the program and progression to the next stage.

  • Cognitive Abilities Assessment

    Suitable candidates will be invited to complete three online cognitive abilities assessments (verbal reasoning, logical reasoning & numerical reasoning).

    Upon completion of the assessments, Fusion will provide you with a stack ranked shortlist that details candidates individual results and benchmarks against graduate industry standards.

  • Video Interviews & Screening

    Fusion uses specialised software to allow candidates to answer a set of interview questions via one-way video response. Fusion has a dedicated team of video screeners who review each candidate’s responses and assess each candidate based on agreed criteria and determine their suitability.

  • Behavioural Assessment

    Fusion recommends the use of a personality (behavioural) assessment as part of the recruitment process. This assessment provides insight into candidates preferred working styles and Fusion will work with you to align the outcomes to your competency framework.

  • Assessment Centre - Design & Delivery (Digital Assessment Tool Available)

    Fusion will partner with you to design a custom-built Assessment Centre that is multi-faceted to assess candidates against your defined criteria. Fusion facilitates the Assessment Centre session to ensure you and your business to focus on engaging with your candidates and letting your brand shine!

  • Virtual Assessment Centre - Design & Delivery (Digital Assessment Tool Available)

    Owing to the recent climate, Fusion has successfully transitioned to a fully integrated virtual environment whereby assessors and candidates can interact within the methodology of a best-practice Assessment Centre.

  • Digital Assessment Centre (DAC)

    Fusion will work with you to design and implement the Digital Assessment Centre tool which enables assessors to observe and record evidence against defined criteria within a fully branded online platform.

  • Offer Management

    Fusion will support you in conducting employment checks of successful candidates. We ensure you are able to secure your top talent and also establish a strong engagement strategy with your talent pool.

  • Post Campaign Reporting (PCR)

    Fusion will provide a Post Campaign Report that supports the continuous improvement of your program and provides key metrics that can be shared & reported on within the business.

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