Five Reasons to Bring your Assessment Centre into the Digital Age

Technology has transformed the way organisations design and manage their recruitment processes. The days of paper-based screening are long gone, replaced by online technology which manages the application process smoothly and efficiently for organisations and candidates. Smart digital innovations such as online assessment and video interviewing are being used to assess talent in a fast, effective and fair way, helping organisations make better hiring decisions. Yet, all too often the investment in technology-led solutions in the early stages of the hiring process is not matched when it comes to the assessment centre. This digital disconnect means the assessment centre – a mainstay of the hiring process – remains a labour intensive, paper-based and error-prone.

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Nudges to Improve Diversity & Inclusion in your Graduate Programs

In a recent AAGE survey, 66% of employers cited diversity and inclusion as a key challenge that remains when recruiting graduates.

We all know that there is sadly no “silver bullet” to improve the diversity of graduate recruits however there are a small number of “nudges”, i.e. – small actions which when completed together may contribute to address the diversity challenges you may face with your graduate program.

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Learning Value Proposition (LVP)

Fact. Graduates consider the development opportunities on offer when looking for an employer.

Fact. It is no longer acceptable as an organisation to ignore the importance of graduate development for the individual graduate as well as the business as a whole.

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6 Graduate Recruitment Trends for 2019

With the 2018 graduate recruitment year ending and preparation for 2019 commencing, it seemed an apt time to take heed and consider the recruiting year ahead.Read More

Post AAGE 2018 Wrap Up

The Fusion team had a great time at the 30th annual AAGE conference. It was great to see what’s happening in the industry and to gain some insight into key trends. Thank you to all that visited our stand, it was great to see some old faces as well as make some new connections.

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Graduate Development – ‘What’s Next?’

Graduate Development Inductions have come and gone for the year and now is the time to truly innovate and take the next step in designing your best possible development program. Creating that next step on the development journey takes passion and commitment – with the graduates needs always at the forefront of your thinking.

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Attraction Strategy

The job search process for graduates can be a daunting, overwhelming task, especially with so many organisations competing for their attention at the same time. So how can you ensure that you target the graduates who are right for you while still increasing awareness of your program more broadly?

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Assessment Centre Success: 5 Key Tips

Assessment centres are a customary practice in graduate recruitment processes and are a terrific opportunity to showcase your brand. And while you’re promoting your program and engaging with candidates you’re also completing a multi-faceted recruitment methodology that is a valid predictor of on the job performance.Read More

Leveraging the Profiling Methodology to ensure Graduate Success

We recently we conducted a case study that analysed graduate behavioural preferences at work and showed the trends that are emerging in the current market. A key piece of this case study was the Fusion Profiling Methodology so to provide some further context we want to tell you more about how the same methodology can be used in your recruitment and development program.Read More

Post AAGE Conference Wrap Up

Another AAGE Conference has wrapped up, and what a great success it was with a record number of attendees! It was wonderful to run into some familiar faces, as well as meeting some new people. Looking around the conference, it was clear that everyone was there to seek out new and innovative ways to add to their graduate program and recruitment process.Read More

Five Graduate Development Program Initiatives to Ensure YOUR Success

By now, we are all aware of the impact a leading-edge development program can have on the attraction, retention and the growth of graduates – but the question that is still most often asked is “what more can be done” and “what are the trends that can help to ensure the best return on investment”?

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Digital Learning for Graduates

At Fusion Graduate Development, we are addressing the holistic needs of Graduates, and we now have Australia’s leading online customised Graduate Portal to complement and support the best Graduate development programs.

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Graduate Engagement is the Key

The second cycle of graduate recruitment is well under way, with most applicants having to complete cognitive assessments, video interviews and assessment centres as part of a standard recruitment process. What seems to be a trend across companies is the amount of drop offs of candidates reneging on offers, even if previously accepted.

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AAGE 2017

The AAGE Industry Awards have crept up on us quickly, and I cannot believe it is under a month away! The Australian Association of Graduate Employers, or better known as the AAGE, is hosting their awards event this year in Sydney which means Fusion will be having an enjoyable holiday to the Opera House this year.

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2017 Graduate Masterclass

Fusion’s 2017 Masterclass series saw some great discussions and sharing of individual experiences and challenges amongst participants. Over forty people attended the Melbourne event, from a range of private/public/large and small organisations, and there were similarly strong numbers in Sydney and Brisbane.

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