Meet our new employees

Fusion has expanded over the summer and has hired new employees who all have provided a diverse range of skills as well as ideas to our current processes. They’re making a significant impact already, in and out of the office! Meet Luke, Robbie and Aiesha.Read More

Fusion Development – our delivery update

It has been a busy but extremely exciting few months on the development front at Fusion with inductions happening across the country. Fusion have had the opportunity to work with small intimate graduate cohorts ranging in size from eight-to-30 up to larger cohorts of 130 graduates. Each group, no matter the size, provides challenges and opportunities to prepare graduates for their transition to business life.Read More

Fusion Recruitment – what’s been happening?

Campaign time has already seen plenty of activity at Fusion with a good chunk of Assessment Centres completed and offers to candidates already on the table! And the next couple months are shaping up to just as busy. Read More