The most vital component of any Graduate Value Proposition is having a tailored Learning Value Proposition (LVP). Every year, students continue to tell us that the development opportunities provided are the key reason they are attracted to your organisation and your graduate offering.

Fusion works in partnership with you and your organisation to co-create and custom design an LVP that empowers your graduates and distinguishes your graduate brand.

Our approach to empowering you is:

To discover the future direction of your business to determine the purpose and strategy of your graduate’s development journey. We understand the importance of relevant development workshops built around your current needs.

To customise the design of your development journey to ensure that graduates have exposure to leaders in your business, workshops, a trained support network, and a variety of learning opportunities (face-to-face and online learning).

To deliver a range of accessible modules delivered by diverse facilitators who are passionate about the development of future leaders of your business and specialised and accredited in various tools that allows us to empower your learning value proposition.

Market-leading graduate programs are not one dimensional and a customised, blended learning approach for your graduates is an important step in your strategic approach to your LVP. We believe the following will be key to your foundations;

  • Establishing the length and flow of your program
  • Graduate Manager Training to establish expectations
  • Customised modules
  • A variety of design and delivery methods
  • Establishing a support network for your graduates including mentors and buddies
  • Rotations that align with your business’ needs
  • Access to business leaders
  • Blended online learning opportunities
  • Innovation and community-based challenges

Fusion offers a suite of diverse modules that are fully customisable and mapped to our online learning and support platform, Graduate Passport.

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