At Fusion, we understand the importance of keeping your graduates engaged from offer through to the end of their development journey and we partner with you to co-create a custom Learning Value Proposition (LVP) that distinguishes your graduate brand and positions you as an employer of choice.

Our approach is to create a Graduate Development Program that leverages our blended learning offering and empowers your graduates to grow and learn. 

What is Blended Learning and why is it important?

In an ever-changing, modern learning environment a blended approach to learning is critical to ensuring your Development Program needs are met. Put simply, a blended learning approach is one that combines elements of the traditional, face-to-face classroom-style learning with a variety of online, technology-enhanced learning sessions.

All our programs are designed for the ultimate interaction and long-term engagement of your graduates by blending elements of the below into practical, impactful workshops.

Face to face


Micro and

(All supported by)
Graduate Passport

Our face-to-face delivery ensures graduates are engaged and challenged throughout their learning, encouraging personal interaction to gain further understanding. Our customised virtual classrooms allow for improved delivery access and flexibility for your graduate cohort. Our micro and e-learning offering delivers compact, scalable forms of knowledge transfer with graduates. Learning is broken down into small units for just-in-time bursts of information. Graduate Passport is a customised online learning and support platform that further engages your graduates. Graduate Passport enables your graduates the opportunity to embrace the full power of online learning and becomes the one-stop tool for all graduate related development.

Our Approach to Empowering You and Your Graduate Program

The first step is to DISCOVER the direction, purpose, and strategy of your graduate development journey. We collaborate with you to understand and build the relevant development workshops based on the current and future needs of your business and cohort. 

The second step is to customise the DESIGN of your program by mapping your organisational competencies and newly discovered Graduate Development Program needs to our suite of diverse and flexible modules.

The third step is to DELIVER your Graduate Development workshops. Our experienced team of facilitators leverage our state of the art face-to-face, virtual and micro/e-learning offering (all mapped to our online learning and support platform, Graduate Passport) to enable your graduates to get established, build the required competencies and be empowered as emerging leaders.

Our Methodology

Our market-leading offering is multi-dimensional, as we work with you to build your strategy and your LVP. To do this, we embed the following key foundations into your program to ensure your Graduate Development Program success.

  • Engagement strategy from date of offer (keep-warm) to start date
  • Establishing the length and flow of your blended development program
  • Graduate Manager Training to help establish expectations
  • Customised workshops mapped to your business and graduate needs
  • Establishing and training of your graduate support network (buddies and mentors)
  • Rotations that align to your current and future business needs
  • Access to business leaders
  • Manager Support initiatives 
  • Innovation Challenges/Projects (business or community-based)
Partnering With