David Cvetkovski

David is renowned for his knowledge of everything graduate and for his passion and contribution to driving innovation in the market.

While serving as a director on the board of the Australian Association of Graduate Employers (AAGE) and after holding a range of talent and recruitment positions at organisations including NAB and Ford Australia, David identified a need in the market for an outsource provider that truly understood the graduate industry and really cared about making it better. So, in 2008, he founded Fusion Graduate Consultancy with the clear intention of providing leading end-to-end graduate management solutions. David is also the co-founder of Readygrad and Push Apply.

The Australian Association of Graduate Employers has recognised David’s efforts with young talent with multiple industry awards including the Will Spensley Memorial Award for Innovation in the Graduate Industry.

With an eye for emerging trends, David regularly shares his expertise and ideas and is always up for a coffee and a chat about the recruitment and development of future leaders.

Paula Gepp

Paula has extensive experience in the graduate industry both within Australia and overseas and has a demonstrated passion for the recruitment and development of young talent.

While working as a graduate manager in industry, Paula saw an increasing need for a specialist service provider with a genuine passion and understanding of graduate recruitment needs. In response to this gap in the market Paula and David established Fusion Graduate Consultancy. Paula is also the co-founder of Readygrad and Push Apply.

Well known for her common sense approach and clear, articulate communication, Paula has a keen eye for detail and ensures the assessment solution recommended is sustainable and measurable for each client.

With a strong focus on assessment and selection, Paula works closely with clients to ensure the most up to date initiatives and proven, innovative methods are part of the overall recommendation

Jum Lamont

Jum is passionate about the development of young people and has extensive experience in designing and delivering immersive and customised Graduate Development Programs. An experienced television reporter and presenter in Australia and the UK, Jum’s focus lies in effective and authentic communication and the role it plays in success and leadership within the workplace.

Jum utilises his skills to deliver interactive sessions with enthusiasm, designing activities for your graduates in order to develop both their self-awareness and awareness of others.

As Manager of our Graduate Development Programs, Jum is the ‘go to’ person to design your program aligned to your corporate values and tailored to the needs of your graduates, supported by the expertise of our comprehensive team of facilitators!

Cathy James

Cathy is an experienced and award-winning Learning & Development professional, with a strong background in instructional design, onboarding, capability development and facilitation.

Cathy has a passion for the graduate industry and has coordinated a number of early talent programs in her career, including an award-winning Internship Program. She particularly enjoys supporting young professionals and empowering them to succeed.

With a focus on learner engagement, Cathy is excited to deliver programs that not only support learning outcomes but also meet the expectations of stakeholders.

Ally Snodgrass

Ally is incredibly passionate about early career talent and the graduate industry. Thriving in process management and her keen eye for detail ensures a positive candidate experience and best-practice methodology is at the forefront of every program.

Ally’s adaptable approach ensures that each program showcases innovative initiatives and is able to readily pivot in an ever-changing industry. Ally’s experience across sectors and industries provides the experience and understanding to ensure that each employer brand shines within the graduate market.

Her personable and supportive outlook encourages knowledge sharing within the graduate industry and is always open for a chat.

Sophie Foster

Sophie brings a fresh and insightful perspective to the graduate recruitment industry having recently transitioned from a graduate position. Since joining Fusion, Sophie has managed a number of graduate and intern programs across a variety of industries in Australia and internationally. She aspires to leverage this knowledge and further explore the recruitment and development process with a strong focus on candidate engagement and experience. Sophie takes pride in her ability to manage stakeholders and demonstrates flexibility in her approach to tasks. Motivated to excel in the industry, Sophie is excited to bring her passion and enhance her understanding of the graduate recruitment and development industry.

Alejandro Zambrano

As our Development Programs Manager, Alejandro enjoys the ripple effects that graduates create within teams and organisations as they journey through their graduate programs.

Alejandro has significant experience in Graduate Program design and he is a vibrant facilitator who is passionate about leadership development and the role that effective communication plays within teams.

Lana Roberts

Lana has joined the Fusion Family after working in various roles within HR and the Recruitment Industry in the areas of Construction, Education, Property and IT. She is highly experienced in recruitment process management, project coordination and customer relationships.

With a sound understanding of customer needs, Lana leverages her extensive experience to deliver high quality recruitment outcomes.

As a Graduate Program Coordinator, Lana will take you from start to finish with your campaign, communicating at every stage of the process. Recognised for her ability to partner with clients, Lana ensures successful outcomes are achieved by sourcing graduates to assist with meeting their corporate vision, values and culture.   

Lana is excited to bring her passion, expertise and enthusiasm to the graduate recruitment industry.

Kara Forster

Kara is passionate about supporting early career talent to thrive. An accredited Career Development Practitioner and Trainer and Assessor, Kara brings extensive experience developing and delivering engaging content, programs and events designed to build capability.

Kara’s background coordinating Vocational Education and Training Programs (VET), career education, work experience and large-scale volunteer programs, gives her a strong understanding of the graduate context and the links between education, work experience and employability.

Always curious to learn more, Kara is excited to deliver exceptional graduate development services informed by current research and best practice methodologies.

Teresa Barclay

Program Customisation, DISC, High Performing Teams, Managing Up, Change & Resilience, Influencing Skills, Induction and Transitioning to work life

Teresa is an accomplished and insightful facilitator and performance coach with over 15 years’ experience and is DISC qualified. Teresa is committed to working with graduates and organisations to optimise their ability to become future leaders. Her enthusiastic approach for this field has proven to be the perfect fit for the graduate market, and she has developed and delivered ground breaking graduate development programs for many top organisations across Australia.

Cheryle Walker

Cheryle Walker is an entrepreneurial learning designer and change leader.

She is recognised for positively impacting learning culture within some of Australia’s largest organisations and heading up digital learning strategies that meet operational needs.

A valuable understanding of current and emerging technologies for learning enables Cheryle to design and deliver personalised, social and collaborative development experiences for graduates.

Globally known for her excellence in virtual classroom design and facilitation, Cheryle leads a digital learning community on LinkedIn.

Simon Wilton

Simon’s graduate expertise includes: Presentation skills, First impressions and Personal Brand

Simon is a professional actor in Theatre, Television and Film, and uses this talent to complement his program delivery to ensure a fun and memorable learning experience

Tess Jackson

Tess has joined Fusion as a Graduate Programs Coordinator after completing a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Psychology and Anthropology. Through her studies and background in hospitality, Tess has developed a passion for people and their behaviours. Tess is excited to apply this passion to the graduate industry and to leverage her understanding of behaviour.

Eager to further develop her professional skills within the graduate industry, Tess’ focus is on providing an exceptional client and candidate experience. Her caring nature and attention to detail ensure she delivers the required outcomes.

Tess thrives in new environments and is always ready to bring her thoughts to the table, she is passionate about working with a diverse range of people within a diverse range of environments.

Erin Arundel

Erin has joined Fusion having studied a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Human Resource Management. Using her passion for human resources and professional development, she is excited to expand her knowledge in the graduate industry.

Erin’s experience in various customer service and business administration roles has allowed her to develop her customer-focused attitude and attention to detail, striving to consistently deliver high-quality services. Erin is a driven and hard-working individual who loves the opportunity to learn and develop her professional knowledge and capabilities. Passionate about forming meaningful connections, Erin thrives when working with others and enjoys working alongside diverse teams that offer a range of insights.

Eager to develop her career in recruitment and development, Erin is thrilled to be joining the fusion team and expanding her skills and experience in the graduate sector.