Attraction Strategy

The job search process for graduates can be a daunting, overwhelming task, especially with so many organisations competing for their attention at the same time. So how can you ensure that you target the graduates who are right for you while still increasing awareness of your program more broadly?

1 Have a Graduate Brand

A common and often overlooked factor is your brand perception.

And we’re not talking about your well written, sometimes overly-corporate Employee Value Proposition. We’re referring to a graduate’s perspective of your program and organisation. Applicants want to know what other graduates think about your program and what the real, authentic experience is. This creates the perfect opportunity for your current graduates to be effective sales people and ambassadors for your program through short, engaging videos. This personalises your program and gives applicants a unique insight into the life of a graduate and helps to them to envision themselves in your organisation.

2 Know your Audience

Aligning your attraction strategy with your target age bracket can increase both the quantity and quality of application numbers. Utilising social media tools such as Facebook and Instagram is a cost-effective way to reach a large number of candidates via a medium that they respond positively to. To be most effective you will need to also carefully consider the messages and communications you are sharing to ensure they are also appropriate for your target age bracket. Your current graduates can play a key role here, get them involved, get their ideas and gauge their responses to your strategy.

3 Tell it like it is

Attracting graduates in the current market is about making your organisation relatable and genuine. Openness and transparency during your advertising campaign is crucial, as it gives applicants the opportunity to assess their own suitability for your program and gives them confidence that they are applying for the right role. Regardless of the opportunities on offer, be honest about what it involves, the good as well as the not so good. But look for ways to turn the less appealing aspects into positive learning experiences! Your overall program retention will thank you for it.

4 Build a team of Program Ambassadors

Make use of your most engaged senior leaders (and current graduates) and promote them as program ambassadors. Sending members of your leadership teams to Universities to speak at Faculty functions and promote your program can have immediate impact as well as building beneficial relationships with key Universities for longer term success.

For more information on how you can maximise your attraction strategy, contact: David Cvetkovski