GradLab: The Process of Continually Improving YOUR Development Program

Now that recruitment is wrapping up, for most Organisations, it’s time to shift focus to conducting program reviews and checking in on the health of YOUR graduate program!

The quantitative program data and benchmarks set by Graduate teams are, for the most part, able to depict a relatively honest assessment of a program. However, at Fusion, we believe the Qualitative data, the data that is so often overlooked, is the stories and experiences of the Graduates – as told by them, uncensored and unfiltered!

So, to help facilitate a comprehensive review process, Fusion’s been working with clients on data discovery projects that we call GradLabs. Via our unique GradLab process we can delve, in detail, into your Graduate Cohort and understand their views and perspectives through honest and transparent feedback.

The aim of the GradLab is to create a safe, facilitated environment where Graduates can truly have a voice about the realities of their program. Such an activity can be confronting for an Organisation but is invaluable in providing a foundation for a program review and critical to knowing if the program is really hitting the mark.

Feedback is telling us that the experience itself is highly enjoyed by the graduates as they explore their experiences, reflect on their learnings, assess work-life and company culture and evaluate their initial expectations of the program. It would seem that providing graduates with a voice and an opportunity to shape change within their program is, in itself, a driver of positive culture and is very well received.

Do you want to know what is really going on with your graduates? Are you ready to hear the truth?

If so, we’d love to talk further about our GradLab process, the activities and the outcomes that we can work with you to achieve.

Be bold, be brave, drive change and shift mindsets!

To talk more please contact Jum and Robbie.