Graduate Engagement is the Key

The second cycle of graduate recruitment is well under way, with most applicants having to complete cognitive assessments, video interviews and assessment centres as part of a standard recruitment process. What seems to be a trend across companies is the amount of drop offs of candidates reneging on offers, even if previously accepted.

If we backtrack to the start of the recruitment and selection process for most programs, candidates are receiving weekly updates on the status of their application. Fast forward to the extended period following offers going out, in most cases there is little engagement with the graduates (who are the future of the organisation)!

Engaging with your new employees doesn’t have to blow the budget. Small initiatives like organising networking nights with previous cohorts can do wonders for graduates in making them feel included. Even something as simple as sending emails to graduates with a weekly newsletter is an effective way of keeping in touch.

Online tools are an increasingly strong engagement tool, as it is a well-known fact that graduates do a large proportion of their learning online. Utilising an online learning tool, which includes information about the organisation and materials that could be useful to them before even starting at your company is a cost-effective way of keeping graduates engaged and motivated. Some modules could include information about their rotations or access to newsletters and articles written by members of the organisation.

Top 15 cost effective ways to engage with Graduates

  1. Pre-induction development days
  2. Digital learning tool on offer before they officially start
  3. Access to pre-induction learning modules
  4. Memorable letter of offer – champagne or flowers could be personally delivered by manager or grad
  5. Birthday cards
  6. Social events – informal social activities that could include the current graduate cohort
  7. Put candidates on the mailing lists for internal newsletters
  8. Networking opportunities with current grad cohort and senior leaders/managers if available
  9. Morning tea that could include a building tour for the graduate cohort
  10. Set the graduates up on a group email or online group (Facebook or LinkedIn)
  11. Christmas/end of year function specific for the graduates (have their own as pre-commencement activity)
  12. Christmas cards/ seasons greetings card
  13. Set the graduates up with their graduate buddy before commencement
  14. Once the graduates have been set up with their buddy give them exposure to project (if appropriate and/or available)
  15. Good luck message for their final exams

Engagement is critical to the retention of graduates, and pivotal to the reduction of reneges. Based on current market trends, engaging with graduates is the best way to approach the increased trends of reneges. Cost-effective ways to engage with your graduates will increase the excitement and motivation which will in turn result in increased retention.

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