Digital Learning for Graduates

At Fusion Graduate Development, we are addressing the holistic needs of Graduates, and we now have Australia’s leading online customised Graduate Portal to complement and support the best Graduate development programs.

Graduate Passport is an integrated digital platform that proves critical to engaging, stimulating and challenging your Graduates throughout their career journey. Content is curated from the latest on the web, and can be customised with an organisation’s own branding, strategy and key messages.

Here’s what we know:

  • 90% of Millennials have a smart phone and 49% check it at least every 10 minutes
  • 75% of Millennials share content online regularly

These facts lead us to conclude that Millennials are comfortable, familiar and consistently engage and learn in an online digital world. They are used to “learning on the go”… finding out what they need to know just-in-time and from a range of media (video, blogs, infographics). These Millennials do more than “Google the answer”… they exist in a digital stratosphere that does not switch off, just as their digital devices are never switched off!

When it comes to learning, our Graduates today are digitally savvy consumers of content and constructively critical of any expertise they come across. They almost demand the opportunity to sift, sort, consume and create discussion around information, sources of expertise and viewpoints, in order to synthesise what is relevant and useful for them. They are principally consumers of content, however they are eager also to become collaborators, co-creators and ultimately to establish their own personal digital footprint and brand.

What does this mean for our Graduate Development programs? Well, it means we need to have curated a range of sources of content, provided it in a range of formats for a range of devices (particularly mobile), and allowed for our Graduates to comment, recommend and rate what they are consuming. Better still, we need to enlist our Graduates in the curation role – allow them to find the best and latest thinking, and encourage them to share it, test it, refine it and feed it into our organisational learning landscape.

Creativity, Networking and Agility are the core 21st century workplace success factors, and our Graduates will strive to fulfil these expectations, but will expect our guidance and mentoring to get there. For many organisations, simply reaching the hearts and minds of their Graduates is challenging enough, let alone being present in all the digital places that they move and thrive. We need to think deeply about how we will stimulate the creativity of our Graduates, provide them with valuable and productive networking opportunities, and role-model agility in adapting to the external pressures of a highly digitally-connected world.

Here’s some pointers to start the journey:

  • Give your Graduates a dedicated intranet page that draws their attention to your Graduate Development Strategy and Program
  • Provide guidelines and allow your Graduates to establish their own digital footprint within your organisation – lead them to the enterprise social network, the enterprise digital directory, and the enterprise social media strategy
  • Engage your Graduates in discussions about their role in the digital landscape both within and outside of your organisation
  • Provide a complete development program that includes digital content, a place online dedicated to them, and key links internally and externally to the digital pulse of learning at their level.

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