Fusion Recruitment – what’s been happening?

Campaign time has already seen plenty of activity at Fusion with a good chunk of Assessment Centres completed and offers to candidates already on the table! And the next couple months are shaping up to just as busy. 

With a mix of new and old clients, private and government, large and small, across a diverse range of industries, the team at Fusion has been kept on their toes with the successful recruitment of almost 200 graduates already. (A positive statistic to inspire graduates in their search for a position!).

It has been our absolute pleasure to partner with fabulous employers to design and run their selection processes and while most have a local flavour, we’re excited to be delving into more global recruitment as well.

There are so many exciting, diverse opportunities out there for Graduates. Some of our clients recruit under very specific degree criteria tailored to specific organisational streams while others are recruiting from a very broad range of disciplines to join a program that will see them rotated throughout the organisation.  The options for graduates out there is endless!

Assessment Centre presentation set-up
Assessment Centre presentation set-up – waiting for candidates to arrive

At Fusion we believe in leveraging our Graduate Managers expertise on their company and industry to customise the recruitment process, securing highly-suitable candidates for their respective organisation. We build a partnership where we can harness knowledge and expertise from several sources to combine with our own Graduate Recruitment expertise and the results is to be innovatively delivering best practice.

We have seen Assessment Centres be especially successful and engaging when we can incorporate key company stakeholders into the day, through presentations, Q&A sessions and the activities themselves. How great would it be for a Graduate coming to an Assessment Centre to see an executive of the business taking the time to welcome them and spend time with them?!

Take some time to think about how your Assessment Centre is delivered. And remember, it’s not just about the assessment data you are getting (although that is critical) it’s also about the experience, the branding and the lasting impact you make on candidates.

Australia Post Assessment Centre
Australia Post Assessment Centre
Assessment Centre group interaction
Assessment Centre group interaction